Monday, December 13, 2010

twine team.teabags.teacups.

i am absolutely delighted to advise that i was recently chosen to join the twinery design team. so many lovely colours with so many lovely uses. if you are on my christmas list you can be sure to find your gift wrapped up in twine this year.

my first project was planned to be a box of teabags attached to some of this gorgeous twine to be given as a christmas gift. however being more of a scrapbooker at heart the teabags landed on this page! in keeping with my blog name this colour twine is called cappuccino - how appropriate for me. we shall see how the teabags last on acid free paper. at very least the page will have a beautiful orange aroma from the "fantastic orange" flavoured bags. (one of my favourite teas)

(my apologies but this page has been selected for publication - it will be back as soon as it has been through the printer!)
although if youre rather more of a maraschino girl, perhaps this twine is more your cup of tea :-)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

poop. playmobil. parties.

sorry i fell off the bandwagon a bit lately, i've been scooping poop! Santa's Reindeer Poop. LOL.

 I made these for the bizarre last week and was then convinced by my partner in crime that the reindeer should also get treats for all their voila - Santa's Reindeer Treats.
and in between scooping December arrived together with a Playmobil Advent calender much to someone's delight very early on the 1st December....and everyday since.
and last but not least we celebrated Sami Claus Day together with friends. Although for the first time in our 8 years of this tradition (with the same families) the big man in the red suit didnt actually come to our house. We decided this year that the siblings should make their list of "good and not-so-good" points about each other rather than have them through the eyes of Mum and Dad oops i mean, Sami Claus. It was extremely entertaining and touching. Each child sat in these chairs as the truths were revealed.
Hopefully now i can get back to regular silly season shopping and the likes.