Monday, January 3, 2011

happy.helmar.half price.

happy 2011 to you and yours. and if youre the goal making type, i hope all those resolutions come to fruition! me? no, dont do resolutions, i'm more of a take each day as it comes kinda girl.

just a heads up, Coredinations and Helmar are doing a blog swap - lots of chances to win lots of goodies and see some great projects (hint hint!)

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last but not least, i've been frequenting some of the christmas sales, as you do and amongst several other things, happened upon a bunch of half price ribbons. couldnt pass them up, strangely :-) here's a sneak of a layout using one of them.

ok. off you go to the Coredinations Blog!

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  1. I love finding ribbon on sale!! Especially when you like it LOL. great sneak Hera!!