Thursday, August 25, 2011

showcasing: denim

it's my day at the Twinery today and after recently receiving the three gorgeous new colours they produced, denim, buttercream and stone - i chose to spotlight DENIM. It's such a brilliant shade of blue.

By now you are no doubt getting used to my very clean and simple style so this layout is no big surprise...however i wanted to point out two things on this page.

The first is that it is possible to put pink on your 12 year old son's project (as long as he doesnt see it!! lol) Actually there is good reason for this and that is, this page is loaded with emotion and pink was my way of bringing that through. My son will start college tomorrow and although he is over the moon excited about it, Mami is somewhat more subdued. Mami's are allowed to be like that on milestones, right? Anyway the real deal is - my first born is halfway out the door as my lovely husband rather more 'positively' prefers to see it!!?? I, on the other hand, am happy, proud and pretty sad mixed together ie. a mess! and i chose pink to portray my motherly emotional "mess" :-)

Secondly I wanted to really let the "denim" be in the limelight here and show you that a few loose strands of this beautiful twine is all one needs to add interest to an almost paper only page. There is no fancy tying or knotting it is simply detailing how the radiant denim colour totally contrasts to the papers and just goes to show -

Twine can be all you need to give a layout the perfect finishing touch.  
Et voila, my page dedicated to my son's first day in college, tomorrow...

I am sure there will be some happy tears shed by she who shall remain nameless but once thats all out of the way I am thinking we might just bring out the cupcakes and candles (and bubbles!) and celebrate our big boy.. moving on.
I hope I have inspired you to add a dash of DENIM to your next project.

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