Wednesday, February 2, 2011

inspired by packaging.

i did this page for a challenge to be inspired by the colours in some packaging. by coincidence I recently bought some cavallini animal stamps (actually anything cavallini rocks in my books) and loved the combination of teal, cream, white, black and red on the container. having just bought the stamps, well, it was only proper to make sure they worked too, no? :-) love the characters in the set and for you aussies out there, there's even a kangaroo! watch this space for a "skippy the kangaroo" page soon. lol.

here is the stampbox:

and here is the result of those colours and stamps.

(sorry this page is winging its way to the USA to be published. watch this space - it will be back)

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  1. Hera...thanks for stopping by Julie's Open Window and leaving your kind comments...I am really looking forward to getting to know you more and working on creative things with you all the way across the world!