Thursday, February 17, 2011

sad but nonetheless true.

we spent some days in toronto and included a couple of nights at niagara falls last summer. loved it by the way. anyway our ever so thoughtful concierge mentioned that there was a great outlet mall just over the border in the USA. we could practically see the crossing from our hotel and quite frankly it would have been silly not to, right? never let a chance go by and all that. the thing that we didnt know was that we would need a visa to make that "crossing" and so would 100+ other foreigners in the queue in front of us. it was only as we approached said queue we realised our fate. our two bored, impatient children were not in the least bit amused - strangely? i am happy to report though that the bargains to be had far outweighed this little hiccup in our proceedings. well in my eyes anyway. i cant of course speak for the aforementioned children.
i came across this photo taken on arrival at the crossing and made a simple page about the fact that we just had to take a quick trip over the border for a spot of outlet shopping. as you do. yes, i know. sad but nonetheless true.


  1. Great layout Hera, we always think of another country being far away right!! Not something you should be able to see from the hotel window!! Nice little adventure!!