Saturday, April 9, 2011

prague love.

according to those in the know, yesterday was the highest recorded temperature in zürich for was a stunner. not that i am complaining but is spring the new summer, then? in which case that totally works for me :-)

speaking of heat -  exactly one year ago we were visitng these friends in the city of spires where the heat was incredible - extremely unexpected i might add. we packed the jackets and boots but were totally overdressed for the ocassion. in fact i believe we HAD to go shopping for lighter attire lol.dont you hate it when that happens!! nonetheless i rated it right below paris which is top of my romantic city list :-) not to mention super interesting! the spires as suggested are indeed in every direction and really are quite magnificent. this was our second visit but unlike the first trip - to have your own personal tour guides, to be taken to their favourite spots, have all the delicacies explained to us and of course not even have to attempt a word of Czech - thats my kind of travel! i dedicated this page to our tour guides (with the prague castle in the distance) who recently moved to singapore. we're giving them time to settle in and then we just might plan a tour once again. :-)

lots of yummy new JBS Core'dinations here too.. i am working up to a frenzy (wink wink -watch this space!!)


  1. love love it!!! esp that color combo

  2. had the opportunity, years ago, to visit karlovy vary, but never prague. lovin' all those cardstock projects!