Friday, April 15, 2011

the "Twinery" letter

my very first sighting of twine was on a plain brown paper package. it was definitely a love at first sight type of moment. not only was it practical but it added a dash of colour and took the package from simple to classy. my project idea this month is something that stemmed from that occasion.

we have a yearly tradition which we have celebrated with the same famlilies for the last seven years. amongst other things the children each have to recite a poem or sing a song. this year we changed it up and the adults were made to take the stand! our friends totally got into the spirit of it and not only wrote a letter to their two almost teenage boys but sung it, more or less in tune, to the Beatles favourite of "Let it be"! The sentiment was fantastic and something i am sure their boys will treasure forever - sadly the singing is possibly something they would rather forget forever!! nonetheless they got an A+ for effort.

i came across the mini envelopes at a craft fair i attended in germany last month and knew immediately where they were destined. to match each twine colour and make the envelopes a little more authentic i punched a postage stamp from cardstock and sealed the deal with a postmark. the journaling was printed directly onto the last envelope and a copy of the actual letter is inside. the finishing touch was of course the tying of the package with maraschino, cappuccino, lemondrop and lilac twine - as previously mentioned, one delightful strand of lovely Twinery twine took them from simple to classy!


  1. What a sweet tradition...and great use of twine!


  2. Very cool! LOVING the use of the twine!

  3. So cute! I love the twine around your letters on the layout.