Tuesday, September 27, 2011

and the lucky person is...

before i spill the beans and tell you who the very lucky person that won the Ultimate Sampler Twine pack is - i just wanted to say, in the fineprint below, i mentioned that i was expecting a "parcel" from Canada yesterday and i am delighted to report that 'said' parcel landed safely and is now happily installed back amongst us.. my DH has been away on business for a couple of weeks and was terribly missed by young and not so young alike!! Let me just say, it was such a nice feeling to be able to set the table for FOUR again last night...

anyway back to business - thank you soo much for all your wonderful comments and praise.. i was made up by the response to the Twinery blog hop! The person who will be able to twine happily away very shortly is.... Vanessa!!

Your card's really cute, love the little canvas dress. I don't have any twine YET {{{GASP!!!}}}, but I am loving grey lately so I'd have to say stone. :)

well in a few days you will indeed have ALL 14 colours of Twinery twine Vanessa - congratulations!!

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  1. HOLY COW!!! I can't believe I won. I am SO excited!!! YIPPEE!!! I will e-mail you my shipping address. Thanks so much!!!