Monday, September 19, 2011

you make my life a whole lot lighter!

as a recent party favour idea i wanted to do something "different". I found these miniature lighters on special in the $1 shop as i refer to it here and although at the time i had no clue what i would do with them - they were indeed different and extremely cheap (on special for .79c) - both high priorities on the conditions list!
i spent a few sleepless nights wondering how to incorporate them into a favour and came up with the following... a small gold bag, a doily for catching wax candle drips, a heart punch and the finishing touch - a dash of lilac twine from the Twinery, of course.

the sentiment on the label says... you make my life a whole lot lighter
didnt they turn out cute?! so if youre looking for a change from sweets in your goodie bags at your next (non children!!) party, why not try a lighter LOL!

ps. come back on wednesday - its the Twinery Blog Hop and there might just be some lovely twine on offer!!

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